Friday, February 25, 2011

Is this the worst flop of all time?

"Tough guy" Chris Bosh

Wainwright out for season

This guy was pretty much the rock of the cardinals rotation. Huge blow for St. Louis. Right now there are about 8 guys competing, and it seems that Kyle McClellan is in  the lead to win the 5th starting job, but its still very early.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Melo's sandwich does look tasty

Carmelo Anthony's new sandwich at the famous Carnegie Deli in NYC.

Melo's Knicks Debut

Melo certainly made a great debut at MSG tonight. 27 points and 10 boards, and Chauncey Billups dropped 20. Knicks look good, but their first real test comes Sunday against the heat. Should be a great game.

Brooks breaks Big East scoring record

Providence's Marshon Brooks broke the big east scoring record against Notre Dame tonight with an astounding 52 points. Great individual performance by Brooks, guy was flying around the court all night just hitting whatever shot he wanted. The big east is just so good. Even a team like providence, that isn't exactly a big east power, has the talent to do something like this. Great performance though, if only the friars could've gotten the win. Notre Dame prevailed 94-93. ND coach Mike Brey called it one of the greatest performances he's ever seen. Chicago Tribune

Even Lebron's team mates hate him

Juwan Howard, a respected veteran and role player for the heat, said the Bull's Derrick Rose has his vote for MVP. Thats gotta rub LBJ the wrong way. ESPN

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prokhorov just does not care...

...if you want to play for the Knicks, he will try and get you. First it was Carmelo, now its Deron Williams. Earlier this week, it was leaked from sources close to williams that he wanted to play for the Knicks next year. So naturally, Prokhorov tries to get him. Nice. ESPN New York